Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury lawyer

The term personal injury reference to diminishing and damaging someone’s property, preventing its increase, as well as causing mental or physical pain or fear to another person (non-pecuniary damage). By hiring a lawyer to represent your interests in the process, it ensures that you, without direct engagement, receive adequate financial compensation in cases of causing damage.

Compensation for traffic injury; Traffic accident

In certain cases, when it is not possible to obtain monetary compensation, and there is its basis as in traffic accidents, you need the help and engagement of a lawyer for compensation – Kermani LLP strongly recommends this. The task of this type of lawyer is to apply legal measures on the basis of his legal knowledge in order to ensure that you, as the injured party, get compensation for the damage caused by the traffic accident.

Namely, when a traffic accident occurs, the participants themselves can often complicate the later collection procedure, and the most common cause is not calling the traffic police to the scene of the accident. There is usually a situation in which the two parties agree on an amount, and since they have agreed, they do not call the police. Later there is a non-compliance with the agreement, and the injured party finds himself in a situation where it is very difficult to prove the cause of the damage because there is no police record or any documentation. Another common mistake is not reporting injuries when giving a statement to the police record.

Injured citizens often try to obtain compensation peacefully on their own hands, and in these cases, insurance companies often minimize the amount of compensation by relying on the fact that the injured often do not know enough about their rights. Also, insurance companies further damage citizens by making such payment additional by requiring the injured party to waive further claims. In the case of consent to such an out-of-court settlement and a clause on waiver of further claims, court proceedings, unlike full compensation, can no longer be conducted.

If the injured party does not have the financial means to bear the high court costs of fees and expertise, our Kermani LLP law firm accepts to finance the entire court procedure, and we charge our services upon completion of the entire procedure. from the culprit personally. Always ask for the help of a lawyer, so you will know best what you are up to and what steps you need to take.

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