Can an employer retaliate against you for a protected disclosure?

If you work within an organization and you realize that corruption exists there it can make you uncomfortable. In fact, your conscience may prod you to make a report of fraud or other illicit activity to the appropriate body.

If you have evidence that your company is acting in a way that’s unethical or violates the rules of your state, you can take action by reporting it. You are protected by the law if you make this type of disclosure.

What if your employer retaliates?

There may be situations where the type of information that you have access to is such that your employer will know that you are the person who blew the whistle. Sometimes they may not be absolutely sure but they may suspect.

In this case, they may decide to retaliate by sabotaging your work or taking other forms of indirect action against you. You may even be fired from your position without due cause.

if your employer retaliates, you should get help from a lawyer in immediately. If you need a whistleblower attorney Los Angeles law firms that specialize in this area can help.

Can you seek help from an attorney before making a disclosure?

You can get help from an attorney before making a disclosure. In fact if you feel that the type of report you’re about to make would fall in the category of a protected disclosure, you can consult with a lawyer and ensure that this is so.

Whistleblower attorneys can guide you with each step. Unfortunately there are several people who find themselves in the position of becoming whistleblowers because fraud is taking place within their organization. You can learn and benefit from what they’ve been through. You’re not the only one taking a stand against corruption and with legal assistance, you can ensure that you have the full protection of the law in play at every step.

Take Legal Action Against Your Employer

All employers know that employees who report wrongdoing are protected by the law. They know that they’re not to penalize employees who have reported fraud or take any form of action against them to hinder their progress in the workplace.

You can claim damages if your employer takes action against you for blowing the whistle. Your lawyer can help you to receive financial compensation in this case, ensuring that you don’t suffer economically because you stood up for what is right.

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